Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TV station

This is our regional TV broadcast building called WDR and this is the part of the building that I like most caused of the architecture (sorry for the sun reflection) but again I'm very sorry I don't know the name of the architect. WDR produces regional news about Cologne and surrounding of the state of North Rhine Westphalia where Cologne is and six regional radio channels as well.Just for info,the capital of North Rhine Westphalia(NRW) state is Duesseldorf.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Dazzling photograph. Very nice building too.

Their beaks close, their eyes shut and their heads flop over the edge of the nest.
American Robin series starts today.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Very unusual and intereseting building and the sun make the photo even more interesting.

April said...

It's a great builing, I've go a photo, too, not uploaded yet.

Dick said...

Great photo, I like the sun reflection.

Olivier said...

merci pour ton commentaire sur mon blog. Belle photo, le reflet du soleil donne un plus à la photo

thank you for your comment on my blog. Beautiful photograph, the reflection of the sun gives more to the photograph

denton said...

The architecture is impressive however what I like most is the sun reflection.

Dina said...

I like the way this building looks , they are like misplaced lego blocks. Great picture.

Carlos said...

Yeah, definitely those blocks are fascinating. Great architecture.

Beetle said...

4 Abe,Thanks alot!

4 Fabrizio,glad that you didn't feel disturb by the dazzling :-)

4 April,I always look up everytime I passed and *oops* Very sorry when I jumped over you,didn't mean that

4 dick,Thanks and again, glad you liked the reflection

4 olivier,Thank you too!

4 denton,Thank you,lucky me that I didn't edit the photo!

4 Dina,Yes like Lego blocks! that's what i'm thinking too :-)

4 carlos,Thank you! coz of fascinating too,I always look up when I pass by :-)