Saturday, June 30, 2007

The top peak

Here it is the sculpture that I meant yesterday and the second photo made no more explanation what is all about but when you still wonder where its exactly stand then take a look on yesterday first photo on the top peak of the two towers of Der Dom,there it is,reach the sky! This description is in multilingual,even in Chinese and Japanese and I did a snap shot of the English side :o)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Der Dom

Thank You people that you likes our beautiful Cathedral as we love it too! So,here is Der Dom from in front (main entrance) and sorry that I've to made in two separated photos as I have too small camera for this HUGE object.Next time,I'll try to show the inside and I hope my camera will cooperate :o)
On the left-hand of second photo is the way to the Central Station and to where you've seen from yesterday posted.Did you notice the sculpture in the middle? I will tell tomorrow what it is.
Please,note that our sky is still gray and grumbling,at the moment. :o(

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Meeting Point

Continue from yesterday photo,if I move my old little buddy 'Sony' to see more to the right then this is what we can see,Der Dom (The Cathedral) right side entrance and towards main entrance of Der Dom then get up the steps and walks to the right side and turn left. This area is a favorite meeting point ;o)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cologne's Central Station

Today the sun is a bit shy to shine for Cologne ;o) We've blue sky but strong wind. I hope it will be better a bit for the weekend as one of our relative will celebrate his Golden life and we were in central station to buy a ticket for heading to the south of Germany to attend it,would be very comfortable to travel with train in this uncomfortable weather. So,this is our central station (Hauptbahnhof). On the right hand photo is a part of the back side of the Cathedral (Der Dom)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Grey Sky

Our sky in Cologne lately and the weather forecast for this week said will often rain. In South part of Germany even flood and snow but in the South Europe such as in Turkey,Greece and south Italy,they have extreme heat. Our local news said that the weather in Europe is going crazy as we are in summer already. This photo shows The Cathedral and the roof of Philharmonie, a concert hall.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Here is The Hohenzollern Bridge where I took the last 2 days posted. As you can see at the end right of the bridge, the wall uses by the amateur climber. Also seen in far behind the bridge is a tower where the Cologne's Rhine Park located (remember my 'Blue Sheeps' ;o). On top of the tower is a restaurant and the orange thing on the bridge was supposed to be a 'Fish' sign for the German Evangelical's Day, a kind of World Youth's Day that was held from 6-10 June this year and here one more photo just to show where I stood for yesterday photo.

Have a nice Sunday to all!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Climber

Continue from yesterday posted, here's where I stood for yesterday photo. When spring & summer or as long as not rain, the amateur climber use this wall to exercise. I stood in Hohenzollern bridge to took this photo and here some more photos if goes up stairs to the other side from the steps seen in above photo.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The other side of Rhine

This is one of Cologne's promenade and its located in the other side where the Koeln Triangle is. If walks towards where I stood (Behind me) then it goes to "Rhine Park" which I posted yesterday and the day before yesterday.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still in Rhine Park

Hope you don't get bored if today we're still hang around in the park. To see those kids play,I wish I was on their age ;o) Having FUN! ;o) I don't know what should this game called, 'A Football Ring'? but this came up from the idea of Table Football (Well,I google sometimes if I've time ;o)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In Rhine Park

We were in Cologne's Family Park last Sunday and it was Children Nature Fun Program. One thing from this HUGE park attracted our attention as we haven't seen yet in our life "A Blue Sheep". Sure, this is an art but we couldn't find any information about it. Anyway, We found they are sooo CUTE ;o)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Chapel

I found this little chapel is so sweet. This is not in down town or in my neighbourhood but somewhere in Cologne's suburb.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Underground Station

Not tried to shot another night scene but when in underground station is always night scene :o) As can see the three are public telephones which are provide by German Telecom. We have still plenty of public telephones in Cologne in this century of Mobile Phones but not all are provide by German Telecom. The man is using an internet service which can be pay with card or coins. This kind is only provide by German Telecom and it's touch screen with web cam attached. It's efficient for tourist or anyone who just need a quick connection to chat live or just a short e-mail but there is also Internet Cafe in Cologne.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Yesterday when we got back home,it was local rain (only in our neighbourhood).We were surprised and amazed by the nature game as we live not too far from down town. So this is not a morning dew on our Geranium but it was rain.
But we were more amazed of a very cute,adorable and talented little girl who we saw in our local news and made a search in youtube to share with you all about her. Well,Ladies and Gentleman, please BIG applauds for Connie Talbot

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pharao get lost :o)

And here is the other public attraction held in front of Der Dom (The Cathedral) and this time right close to the wall of Der Dom. I just realized when I'm about to post this photo for today whether it wasn't very hot for him inside this costume as it was very hot day.

Have a very nice Saturday evening everyone in whatever you do! We had for 2 days cloudy and gray but today is beautiful sunshine :o)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Street Painter

Different kind of attractions would be find in front of the Cathedral -Der Dom- and one of them is this kind of Painter.Most of them will draw a copy of famous painting and I can say the result is always PERFECT.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jumping Stilts

Finally,I had my camera with me when I saw this Poweriser. But I wonder how is feel like being on it? Would I have my balance still? I've never try before :o) from my past life till now :o) This guy was tried to climb up the stairs behind him instead of straight up jumping on and he was very cooperate with me and my tiny Digi Camera. This was behind 'Der Dom' (The Cathedral). Here some information from Wiki about jumping Stilts or more famous and familiar as Poweriser.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The beach of our own

Nope for sure ;o) I was not in Arradon (Hi,Alice) or in Naples-Florida (Hi,Isabella) or even in Malta (Hi,Nadine) to snap or borrow this photo for today post ;o) but this is Cologne REAL beach and I've to wrote 'REAL' caused we do have artificial beach which is not for free such as Cologne Beach Club and Sky Beach but without sea view or direct water with Rhine view like this one ;o) This is public beach but wild beach as the government not in charge for lifeguard or any public needs facilities and that means you are on your own risk if you swim in the river and beach like this are many around Cologne. It would be save enough if not try to swim further more to the middle of the river. Well,what can I say for more...plenty tragedies happened already in Rhine river even for good swimmer and there is no "Forbidden to swim" sign around in this looking good tempting beach or in other beach of Cologne.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On the river bank

I'm sorry for taken quite sometime to continue my posted in May 31 .<--click it to reminds yourself. This is the surrounding of Cologne's old city if I turn around as I asked that date. Though nothing special to see but this cosy place is very nice to relax on the sunny day and in summer almost no space left. This area faces the river and the other side of Cologne city where The Koeln Triangle is and the Hohenzollern Bridge is in far left side where the two fisherman from yesterday posted did their yummy (not for me) fishing :o)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Fishing in Rhine

When get a license and permission for fishing than you can do like these two gentleman did under the Hohenzollern bruecke (the bridge),fishing by the river bank or anywhere as long as there are fishes and in Rhine river :o)

Thank you all for the get well wishes as I'm back now in my well condition and can't wait to visit the world by my mouse click ;o)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Automatic Toilet Machine (ATM)

Actually,this tube? or box? (please,name it) is for advertising board but became efficient with the toilet service.To be honest,I've never use this public toilet as I feels weird and being watch naked once I finish and step out of the door in totally public view.Usually,I use the toilet in McDonalds, Burger King and Pals ;o) OR in department store.I'm still wonder how is look like inside ;o)
Just pay 50 cent and you can get inside this ATM (Automatic Toilet Machine) are you guys agree with my translation ;o)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Post service

On the right is the automatic machine to buy stamp and in multilingual service. You can use this machine for normal postcard and letter or if your envelope is not very heavy and very thick as the stamp price depend on size and weight of the letter. If you can see (click to enlarge photo) above the 'Briefmarken' sign is to measure the letter. The payment is with coins or card but the change money for coins will be as stamp instead of coins. So,when you don't need more stamp than better pay in exact amount as the machine said. When you have still a doubt than you can go to nearest post office and it's common when the queue is long ;o) and the left one is the box where you should drop-in your 'already with stamp stick on letter'. The white board is the schedule to empty the post mail box.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Street musician

Another street life and this one is the same shopping street (Hohe Strasse) from my night shot which I posted last Sunday. Hope I spell it right,this instrument called 'Dijereedo' The Australian can correct my spelling ;o) Please!

I'm so sorry,I couldn't hang out long here and give my comment on my visit to all over world via my mouse click like i used to do caused I don't feel good for last 2 days and now I've to visit my doctor and thank you so much for the nice commented,I will catch all back when I 'm back in well condition.I will able to post only for meantime.Thanks!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Hmmm...for me if I ride motorbike means a 'REAL' motorbike and not like this style.It's quite many to find people ride this kind of motorbike nowadays in Cologne. I found this style is not macho at all (Forgive me but that's my opinion) I haven't seen yet woman ride this one but my opinion is more match to woman. But to be honest,the style look cool and comfortable than 'REAL' motorbike ;o) Well,what do you think ladies and gentleman out there? ;o)

Monday, June 04, 2007

SALE session

This is what it looks like in the end if someone held a huge party :o) Kidding! Spring is still in the air and summer in front of the door,the birds built their nest and the human change their sofa :o) I don't know how I came up with this weird poem ;o) but anyway,this sofa is not for sale and I didn't take this photo in Flea market either but this is what we do in here when you want to change your old furniture.There will be a special Garbage man who will collect an old stuff and you just need to put off the street if you already knew their schedule or you can call them to collect your big garbage but it's not allow to litter this kind of garbage in an ordinary garbage box and it goes same for electronic garbage. How your handle a big rubbish in your country?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cologne by night

Still the only one night scene that I captured so far with my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T7. I like this photo and hope you all do like too ;o) We were in our evening walks down town.We like sometimes to make window shopping in a quiet evening like this one after dinner at home or when we dinning out. This is one of Cologne's shopping street and only for pedestrian and not the one I've posted with the street musician. How about your evening?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Need donation

Have you heard lately on TV the controversial quiz show in Netherlands about Organs donation which at first made Dutch people who watched get angry reaction? I don't know if in other continents have seen this news too but I reckon most people in Europe have seen on their local news. I knew now that Swiss and Austria have opposite system of organs donation.In Germany who wants to give their organs as donation will carry a special ID card and that's opposite in Swiss and Austria.Hope I was correct about this information regarded what I saw on news.
Well,since I can't find any information about this "Guy" statue,I think he needs organs donation too ;o) or someone (a statue) out there needs organs donation? Here i found one ear,two hands and two legs ready for donate ;o) but I don't know if he is willing to donate,I didn't see any specific ID card.Please,don't get angry to me caused I just need to post this funny statue and write something and nothing bad ever cross on my mind ;o)

Friday, June 01, 2007

June theme day

When I fall a sleep in my living room and wake up and get up this is what I see...and today is began the new month,June...Oupps! JUNE!! the theme day! Should be the view from my bedroom...Sorry :o( ...well,let's check the view from there then...
"Happy New Month to everyone and all the best for your daily life in June"

And let's sneak to the other bedroom which listed below...

Seattle (WA), USA - Manila, Philippines - Albuquerque (NM), USA - Singapore, Singapore - Toruń, Poland - Baton Rouge (LA), USA - Seoul, Korea - Saint Paul (MN), USA - Vantaa, Finland - Madison (WI), USA - Saarbrücken, Germany - Cleveland (OH), USA - Chicago (IL), USA - Cottage Grove (MN), USA - Omaha (NE), USA - Bellefonte (PA), USA - Melbourne, Australia - Stockholm, Sweden - Grenoble, France - Lubbock (TX), USA - Boston (MA), USA - Arradon, France - Hyde, UK - Joplin (MO), USA - Kyoto, Japan - Tokyo, Japan - Kansas City (MO), USA - Naples (FL), USA - Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Manila, Philippines - Sydney, Australia - Stavanger, Norway - Bucaramanga (Santander), Colombia - London, UK - Chandler (AZ), USA - Nelson, New Zealand - Singapore, Singapore - Hamburg, Germany - Sydney, Australia - Tenerife, Spain - Moscow, Russia - Lyon, France - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Villigen, Switzerland - Anderson (SC), USA - Oslo, Norway - Evry, France - Hayle, UK - Mumbai, India - Kitakami, Japan - Wassenaar (ZH), Netherlands - Menton, France - Monte Carlo, Monaco - Los Angeles (CA), USA - Cypress (TX), USA - La Antigua, Guatemala - Paderborn, Germany - San Diego (CA), USA - Ampang (Selangor), Malaysia - Madrid, Spain - Lyon, France - Selma (AL), USA - Shanghai, China - Baziège, France - Cologne (NRW), Germany - North Bay (ON), Canada - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Stayton (OR), USA - Sharon (CT), USA - Austin (TX), USA - Hong Kong, China - Trier, Germany - Joensuu, Finland - Paris, France - Greenville (SC), USA - Wailea (HI), USA - Budapest, Hungary - Cork, Ireland - Bastia, France - Vancouver, Canada - Brookville (OH), USA - Jakarta, Indonesia - Mainz, Germany - Minneapolis (MN), USA - Zurich, Switzerland - Torino, Italy - Montréal (QC), Canada