Thursday, May 31, 2007

One of relaxing place of Cologne

One of the days when last week the sky gave sunshine and blue sky,I was here to relax (today is raining). This is over looking to other side of Rhine.Behind me or where I sat down to took this photo is the area of old city when continue from yesterday posted the water gauge is on the far right site of this photo and just to reminds I've posted this area which was between bridge and underground street. In summer or as long as the weather is warm enough,this area is full with sunbather or people who just need to relax (sometimes in winter too but not for sunbathing ;o). Behind me are many restaurants and hotels. Do you need me to turn around? ;o)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rhine water gauge

On the river bank on the side where Der Dom (Cathedral) located as you can see on the left photo is the Köln Triangle (posted 20 May). This water gauge actually already stood here since 1810 but in 1943 being bombed and the condition what you see now is the rebuilt from 1951. In the past when the river over flow then it will be big flood until the old city but nowadays the river level is less than usual. There is an old photo shows in around here where I stood now about the flood in the past.You can enlarge by click the photo to see the last water level from the other side wall.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


One of an ordinary street in down town Cologne.Left and right buildings are the common apartment style and at the ground floors are some boutiques as well as cafe,shops and supermarket.In the far down is the sky scraper called "Köln Turm" (Cologne Tower) which located in the north of Cologne's new city in the area named "Media Park". It is 165,48 m high with 43 floors. As far as I knew Köln Turm is not open for public to view the city from its plat form like in Köln Triangle.

Monday, May 28, 2007


The beauty and the beast ;-) This is our new and old train.The new one can reach Frankfurt in 50 minutes and the old one could do in more than 1 hour or so.Again in the back round is Cologne's mascot "Der Dom" (Cathedral) and left hand is the part of the "Koeln Triangle" building. The central station located beside Der Dom. Cologne still quiet than usual as to day we've holiday still for Whit-Monday.So, Happy Whit-Monday for those who celebrate it.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Public toilet

Confuse? how can you get inside? they are too close to each other,right? :-) or they mean to do that so you can still continue your conversation during "your nature calling" as you can see in the back they prepare and it will be a skate board competition;...NO,NO,NO...these public toilets are not ready to use yet as I said they prepare but wait can you find the door?? Something funny also about the name on it,in German if you say 3 times that means you wish someone good luck,just like when you make finger cross but we don't make finger cross instead press your thumb inside your palm and say "Toi,Toi,Toi"

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Marriage service

In front of the "Der Dom" and this is not the street painter who often there when the weather good and draw a copy of famous painting on the street but this is a 'hen-night' of a girl who will get married soon.The ladies with same T-shirt are her friends who in charge on her to do silly things. Do you have also in your country this kind of fun & crazy moment before you say good bye to your single life? watch out what she draw... ;-)
Nice weekend everyone!

Friday, May 25, 2007

City Cruiser

Have you seen this kind anywhere? or could be you have in your city,too? this is in front of Cathedral (Der Dom) They are always there in Spring and Summer and you can pay per hour to ride this but you will not be the one who puddling for the city cruising :-) and we called "Rikscha or Fahrradtaxi" and only for two passengers. It is exist in all big city of Germany. I found this is very efficient to concord the city street for sightseeing and nature friendly!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Idol

Isn't she cute? Ladies & Gentleman,introducing "Pueppi!"(Poupy) the most cutest inhabitant of Cologne. My most adorable dog! but since she became famous and get a title of 'Dog with Job',it's rare to meet her on the street with her master. Look at left hand pin how famous she is. With Cologne former football player Lukas Podolski who now plays for Bayer Munich. Just click the upper photo to see more of her charming.I just can't get enough of her. Below photo is when she shows a bit of her nature behavior caused of a group of kids try to make joke on her.This below photo actually taken before the above one. I called her name and she just stopped barking and pose for me. I was so amazed how she loves camera.She works as a model now.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yacht dock

This is the Yacht Harbour of Cologne.Like always said a picture tells thousand words then I want to say my words: far back is the famous Cologne's mascot "Der Dom" (The Cathedral).It can be seeing from everywhere.The Rhine river and from this view means flows to the Netherlands and came from Swiss.The bridge and this is not the same bridge from all my previous posted as Cologne city has 7 bridges that connected the west and east sites. Right now this area is under construction for the new luxury apartments for sale only and office for rent as you can see on left and right side. This place will be look nice and luxury when it finish even now we can enjoy sunset from this side in beer garden stairs restaurant where I took this photo. I will try post one day a nice photo of the sunset and hope I can make it as i'm still learning to make sunset photo and until now still not satisfied with the result yet.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TV station

This is our regional TV broadcast building called WDR and this is the part of the building that I like most caused of the architecture (sorry for the sun reflection) but again I'm very sorry I don't know the name of the architect. WDR produces regional news about Cologne and surrounding of the state of North Rhine Westphalia where Cologne is and six regional radio channels as well.Just for info,the capital of North Rhine Westphalia(NRW) state is Duesseldorf.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Which level?

On the river bank of Rhine where the Cathedral located (sorry that you can't see it here as it's on very left site).This is a view to the Old City (well,part of) from my weird angle :-) Above is a bridge for the tram goes to the other site of the Rhine where the triangle is (posted yesterday) as well as for all kind of vehicles and pedestrian. Cologne city is in both sites of the river Rhine.The middle level is the real ground as you can see,sunbather are enjoy themselves and below it's a special road for "special toys with engine" ;-) also can see in this photo on the left hand...Well,Cologne is in her plastic surgery and almost in all part.Soon will be very beauty than ever before :-)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cologne Triangle

We called "Koeln Triangle".This 103,20 m high and 29 floors triangle building (office building) is still the only one highest building to view Cologne from above beside also from the Cathedral (we called "Der Dom").It is located in the other side of the Rhine.This building which make Der Dom was in the red list of UNESCO to pull out of The World Heritage if Cologne city keeps built skyscraper more high than Der Dom.It's open for public,you just need to pay the entrance fee in automatic machine and take the lift to the platform view or pay entrance too in Der Dom and take the spiral stairs and twister up to the top :-) but both guarantee you will enjoy the view. Just a bit info,for this year German's Idol was held here :-)
PS: the photo and you'll be on top

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Original Eau de Cologne

How about for saturday night fever or whatever nice of evening plan an information about this,so you will not forget to put on some fragrance :-) This is "4711 Original Eau de Cologne Fountain". It can't be separate from Cologne itself (very typical Cologne). During the French occupation of Cologne in 1796,the French Commander General Daurier ordered that all buildings should be consecutively numbered. Wilhelm Muelhens' house was given the number 4711 which later on in 1875 registered as the company's trademark and this number still use until now days and the original building is still there today.This "aqua mirabilis" which now well-known as Eau de Cologne was a secret recipe given to Mr. and Mrs.Muelhens as a wedding gift by Carthusian monk in 1792. It is allow to take a splash in this fountain when you're inside with your hands but I'm not sure if you allow to bring your own bottle to fill in :-) as often heard as a joke among tourist when they get inside instead of only make their hands wet :-) The building located in Glockengasse number 4711,ask anyone (not tourist) and they can point where about.It is open all year around.Inside is also the historical exhibition featured valuable pieces from over 200 years of 4711 Original Eau de Cologne and outside on top of the building has a carillon with its historical equestrian figures revolve to the strains of the Marsellaise every hour and you can hear the nice music between 9 am and 7 pm. Here is the building from outside...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Street life

Another faces of a BIG city life.This is one of (i've not count yet) Cologne's shopping street.Only on Sunday and national holiday is a bit quiet (not always) caused boutiques and shops are close and the public park will be crowded or somewhere more interesting places of Cologne.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Public transport

Well...after drink you should not drive,so here we are inside the tram :-) (It's an old one) As always BIG city life,Cologne has a good public transport system,we don't have yet a proper metro but the tram goes underground as well.At the moment the tram lines are mess up caused the city is expand and their need to build up another new track and maintenance the old one.For me (think not only me) is a bit annoying caused I have to look at the route plan and makes me feel like a "new comer" in my own city...if not I could end up in wrong destination :-(

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cologne Beer

Hello...All. To begin another angle to see Cologne...who wants to join a beer with me? ;-) and since many too many blogger out there,who came first to catch a glimpse on newest existed URL for Cologne get the other glass....This is the typical Cologne's beer and only in Cologne people drinks beer from this 0,2 l glass and for those who don't drink alcohol this brewery house has non alcohol beer and hot milk (other non alcohol beverage as well) :o) and Let's make "CHEERS!" for Cologne.

-->Spezial für April...PROST für unser Köln