Friday, June 08, 2007

Automatic Toilet Machine (ATM)

Actually,this tube? or box? (please,name it) is for advertising board but became efficient with the toilet service.To be honest,I've never use this public toilet as I feels weird and being watch naked once I finish and step out of the door in totally public view.Usually,I use the toilet in McDonalds, Burger King and Pals ;o) OR in department store.I'm still wonder how is look like inside ;o)
Just pay 50 cent and you can get inside this ATM (Automatic Toilet Machine) are you guys agree with my translation ;o)


Ackworth Born said...

O I hate these things too -- well have to admit I've never actually used one -- generally I head towards a supermarket when I need to go.

Erin said...

We have those exact same toilets here in Odense, Denmark. I'm like you, though, I've never actually wanted to use one! I suppose if I was totally desperate and there was no one around... but to be honest, I've never actually seen ANYONE use them!

lv2scpbk said...

We don't have one's like that. I'm with you, I'd rather go into some fast food restaurant. It looks like on this one you could see through it, but I bet you can't.

Abraham Lincoln said...

It begs a question? What happens when stores are all closed? Does anyone use them then? I think it is a good idea but it seems to me that during World War II there were open urinals on the streets of Paris. I don't remember seeing toilets on the streets for women.

Abraham Lincoln
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Penless Thoughts said...

I'd have to be REALLY desperate to use one of these. Are they really catching on over there?

April said...

I wouldn't like to use it either ... Ich hoffe, es geht dir wieder gut. Leider ist es viel zu heiß.

Beetle said...

4 Gerald England,Thank you for stood behind me ;o)

4 erin,I've seen several times someone used but only man

4 Barb,actually,It's very save once you inside no one can't see through at all but i wonder,from inside if we can hear people outside walks or talks

4 Abraham Lincoln,GOOD question but fortunately all fast food open through the week and plenty of proper public toilets to be choose,YOU'RE CORRECT when seeing from past the target are only mans (Unfair for womans).I've seen once in here an open urinal on the street with surround by proper board only to keep your private but I couldn't remember where and if it's still exist but I don't think I will post for my blog if I could find it ;o)

4 penless thoughts,Almost can be found everywhere in main big street

4 April,ich hab' eigentlich polen allergie aber diesemal zusammen mit heuschupfen,jetzt aber besser,ja leider auch ich kann nicht in heisse sonne weil ich hab antibiotik genommen.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Eh... We have them and yes i do totally agree with, I'd feel naked coming out from it. Me too, i use Mc Donald's toilet when i desperately need one :-)

Keropok Man said...

haha.. maybe it can be called P Tube.

i like the way you call it ATM!

Ackworth Born said...

Saw a similar loo in Chester today -- see pic at have linked back to here.