Saturday, July 14, 2007

From yesterday,this what is look like in all.The white statue in glass case is the Holy Maria with Her Holy son in Her arm.

Have a nice Weekend Everyone in whatever you do.Today in Cologne will be a fireworks shows which held annually and the weather is glorious as we have 33°C at the moment :o)


Neva said...

I knew I would like this shot. I love the way you plan ahead and lay it all out...I get to ahead of myself to do that....Maybe I will try harder...I really get a feel for what you see. Have a great weekend.

Beetle said...

Thank You,Neva! This wasn't my first attempted results :o) and I'm happy you liked it too.

Have a great weekend as well.

April said...

Ah yes, that is the 'Schmuckmadonna' because people donate her rings and bracelets and other jewelry.

I'm back fromthe island and I've brought some sun with me, but it seems as if I have taken too much ;-))