Monday, July 16, 2007

Fun Saturday

What was look like on Saturday when people waiting for the Fireworks shows.Actually,It always begins late around 11.30 pm caused has to wait until dark falls but to get a perfect location will not be easy.So,people with their family will come very early on location such as this part where I've posted last month and waited all day long.We weren't lucky for this year caused seems like this year was overloaded than years before :o( I haven't upload yet ,my Fireworks snap shot and don't have file from years before caused never think to take a photo of Fireworks ;o) but since I joined City Daily Photo Community,I'm happy to share what people in my town sees every year.So,in meantime PLEASE enjoy the crowded ;o)


Neva said...

How fun is this? If I ever come to Cologne...I also would love to meet Beetle...:o)

Dsole said...

i see you have a lot of fun there!
That's so nice!
you know a partner of my work is going to Cologne next agoust to spend some months in MaxPlank laboratories. And maybe I'll join her for a couple of days to visit your amusing city! I will let you know :)

Olivier said...

sympathique, rien de mieux qu'une bonne fete pour etre heureux

Beetle said...

Thanks for stopped by and I'm sure when you have a chance to visit Cologne,you will be amuse by this city and would love to meet you too ;o)