Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Say "Cheers" ;o)

I don't know what to post in our rainy day :o( so,this is what I found in my file,when you like a "special department" to take a snap shot of you together with your "buddy"(car) then please,drive faster and don't forget to say cheers ;o) as you will pick up the photo result in "special department" which called in all over the world almost similar "POLICE" (German: Polizei)


Abraham Lincoln said...

It is here too but our cameras are to capture people going through red traffic lights. The fines are hefty.

Abraham Lincoln
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Olivier said...

en France, on commence (lentement mais sûrement) a mettre des radars sur les feux tricolores, pour photographier les conducteurs qui passent aux rouges

in France, one starts (slowly but surely) has to put radars on tricolour fires, to photograph the drivers which pass to the reds

April said...

*lol* Man muss so schnell fahren, dass sie einen auf dem Foto nicht erkennen können.

You have to drive so fast that they cannot recognize you on the photo ;-)

Beetle said...

Thank You All! and Abraham & Olivier,we have also for RED traffic light and for over speed limit :o)

Neva said...

I do like this. Interesting how different countries do police!and fines!

jeremy said...

we have the same kind of "photo-service" in France but it's very expensive when they get a photo of you ;-)