Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I think my photo today is more attract to the tourist and not the city daily photo community but hey,who knows one day you will be come tourist in Cologne.So,I decided to choose this photo just to show a piece of plenty choices of souvenir you can find in Cologne beside the postcard. I know,perhaps this is absolutely not your taste of souvenir (not mine either) but as I said you have plenty of choices in Cologne.This is still in Hohe Strasse right next to The DOM (Cathedral) that I've posted while ago.


oldmanlincoln said...

Most souvenirs are never used or even seen after being dragged home. It must be the hunter gatherer instincts still in people.

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Neva said...

Are you kidding? I lOVE bags from places. I am afraid I would be first in line for some of these! Very nice. I'll take the pink..... and the blue....hmmmm ....maybe the black as well!

Jules said...

When I was in Colonge I did as the tourists do and bought heaps - what fun but my mother's family left Cologne and emigrated to Australia in the 1800's - so does this mean I'm almost a local????

Beetle said...

Abe,I agreed with you!

Neva,I absolute understand you as a woman and I never against woman instincts

jules,if you can still speak DEUTSCH (German) then I'll consider you as a local ;o)

Thank you sweet people for stopped by!

Jules said...

jules - oh well there goes that theory!!!!

April said...

Those are souvenirs I like, Cologne bags. I think I will buy one next time.

BeachILike said...

Yes, I will be tourist there. Would buy lot of postcard there for sure.

Thanks for sharing this to me.

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You got a Posty: I want to give 15 postcards :)