Thursday, August 02, 2007


This is where you have to buy your ticket to take tram or bus.It is touch screen service in multilingual and you can pay with coin or card.If you're in hurry to catch the tram or bus then you can still find this machine inside the tram and bus.Most of the validation box can be found inside the tram and bus as well.


Neva said...

How nice you can get a ticket on the tram/bus from this as well....I don't do public transportation because it is not available where I live....have to go to Chicago in order to do that!..and then I take the train and you can buy the ticket from the conductor...or whatever he is called.

Z said...

Do they do spot checks for tickets? I think in CH they do that once a month or so on the busses, trams and some of the trains. The trains that are marked as "selbst-kontrolle", otherwise there's always a ticket person who makes the rounds, though sometimes s/he doesn't come before the desired stop comes up.

Lilli & Nevada said...

I just got to your blog, very fascinating. I have been to your city many yrs ago,I was born in Arwheiler many yrs ago my mother and i moved to the US in 1959 so have been away from Germany. 15 yrs ago i went back to Germany with my mother before her death as she could not travel by herself, And she took me back to Arwheiler and to Cologne. It is truly a beautiful place.
Thanks so much for sharing, and you know all these yrs one thing i have missed is the breads and meats for breakfast. No one makes the breads like that here.

Beetle said...

Thank You so much Neva for stopped by.

For Z,here they will do the ticket control unexpectly and if you get 'Razzia' or without ticket 'Schwarzfahrer' than have to pay 40 Euro punishment.

For Lilli & Nevada,Breads are what I missed at the most when I'm away for a long period from Germany too and Ich freue mich dass meine bilder dich in Schoener Erinnerung schwelgen lassen.

Thank You All for the commented.