Thursday, September 13, 2007


I took this photo from our kitchen window and this is one of a few ways to see Cologne from the air but I've never do that as I'm scare with high (I wish I could,so I can make a good photos from bird perspective) I don't have problem to get to the top of building and etc to overlooking the spectacular view of city,etc but I won't go close to the edge to look down,otherwise my legs shacking by itself. How about you out there,what are you scare of?


april said...

I would do it, fly in a ballon but I were afraid of landing too hard and break something or get problems with the back.

Ackworth Born said...

I always wanted to go in a balloon and paid a large sum of money quite some years ago for a trip with my wife for our anniversary. When we got to the take off place the wind was wrong and we couldn't take off - so we had to arrange another date - this happenned about six times over two years - sometimes we'd set off at 4 in the morning to travel 80 miles to the launch site. In the end we gave up trying - we never got our money back [it was always try another day] but we'd spent as much again in petrol travelling to abortive take-offs.

Neva said...

I am with you...not a fan of heights...I can go up but not to the edge....nice picture of the balloon! and out of your window no less. wow.

Dick said...

High buildings are not my favorite place, I don't like the elevator.

Denton said...

I have considered paying for a hot air balloon ride for the sole purpose of taking photos.

Beetle said...

For April,
Thanks for stopped by and you made me wonder also how the landing feels like? if it will be like the plane?

For Gerald,
I hope you can manage one day again but your story made me hope if the company was not tried only to made money out of you caused they supposed to knows well about wind etc and thanks for sharing your story.

For Neva,
Thanks for stopped by and I'll take your nice commented as a compliment and hope you agreed :o)

For Dick,
Thanks for stopped by

For denton,
I understand your consideration but I'm sure who ever ride a hot air ballon or wanted to do will take a camera with them and thanks for stopped by

BeachILike said...

Your balloon look cute far away, beautiful sky with lot of clouds.

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christmas markets in cologne said...

That looks like a fantastic way to see a great city. I went up in a hot air balloon when I was a kid and it is an experience I have always wanted to repeat since then.
I am planning on going over to see the Christmas markets in Cologne and if they run these flights in December I will be tempted to give it a go