Thursday, August 09, 2007

Media Park

This is a part of Cologne expand city and the modern area as you will not find any track of ancient and old city touched.This area called "Media Park" and in here you can find all the modern touch such as plastic surgery,recording company,high tech fitness club,VIP Clinic,Restaurant,etc and as seen in this photo is a BIG Cinema where all the world premier movie will start play and even the lake is an artificial lake,for sure the water is real! ;o) The location of Media Park can be seen from a distance caused of the Koeln Turm which I have posted before in here


NorthBayPhoto said...

Great shot. I like how you have captured some of the pleasure craft floating in front of the buildings.

April said...

Ah, this is my favourite cinema, the Cinedom.

Beetle said...

Thanks for stopped by and hey,April!,schön dass du bist wieder da :o)